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Neolithic Standing Female Figurine 15cm (2.75 in)

[Code : ARC_ID03] Neolithic Standing Female Figurine 15cm (2.75 in)

Price $54.95

Neolithic Standing Female Figurine 15cm (2.75 in)

This standing female figurine exhibits very natural form and detail for a figurine of the period (6.000 B.C.) This fine replica like the original, is missing its head.

This figurine is a replica of a discovery in the Neolithic lake settlement of Dispilio,in Kastoria-Greece. This fine museum quality replica is a unique "one of a kind" ceramic reproduction made from clay originating from the same fields where the original was found to ensure the same "look and feel" as the actual piece. All paint decorations were also made replicating methods used by potters of the particular period. Like the actual museum displays each piece is tagged with its description.

See 'More Pictures" for additional detailed photos.

Measurements: 15cm (2.75 in) by 5cm (1.96 in) 
The figurine is installed on a black wooden Base 5cm (1.96 in)  by 7cm (2.75 in)

Shipped in presentation gift box.

Handmade in Kastoria (original discovery) and Imported from Greece.


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