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Woman from Tanagra, 3rd Centrury BC (30cm)

[Code : AG_2014_tanagraia_L] Woman from Tanagra, 3rd Centrury BC (30cm)

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Woman from Tanagra, 3rd Centrury BC (30cm)

Replica of a Greek terracotta figurine known as a "Woman of Tanagra".  This figurine is a member of the Tanagra figurines collection, a mold-cast type of Greek terracotta figurines produced from the later fourth century BCE, primarily in the Boeotian town of Tanagra. They were coated with a liquid white slip before firing and were sometimes painted afterwards in naturalistic tints with watercolors, such as the famous "Dame en Bleu" ("Lady in Blue") at the Louvre. Tanagra figures depict real women — and some men and boys — in everyday costume, with familiar accessories like hats, wreaths or fans

This fine museum quality replica is a unique "one of a kind" ceramic reproduction made from clay originating from the same fields where the original was found to ensure the same "look and feel" as the actual piece. All paint decorations were also made replicating methods used by potters of the particular period. This is why this item is hard to distinguish from the original and requires the attached traditional lead stamp (shown as part of the description tag) that identifies it as a reproduction made by an auathorized artist. Like the actual museum displays each piece is tagged with its description.

Handmade and Imported from Greece.
Approx. height 30cm (11.81 iches)
Approx. weight 900 grams

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