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Cretan Double (communicating) Ritual Vase, Archaelogical Museum of Heraklion

[Code : AG009_vase1] Cretan Double (communicating) Ritual Vase, Archaelogical Museum of Heraklion

Price $198.00

This double ritual vase is a true replica of an original on display at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. It is dated around the 13th century BC and is believed to have been used in Minoan rituals.

This fine museum quality replica is a unique "one of a kind" ceramic reproduction made from clay originating from the same fields where the original was found to ensure the same "look and feel" as the actual piece. All paint decorations were also made replicating methods used by potters of the particular period. This is why this item is hard to distinguish from the original and requires the attached traditional lead stamp (shown as part of the description tag) that identifies it as a reproduction made by an auathorized artist. Like the actual museum displays each piece is tagged with its description.

Handmade and Imported from Greece.
Approx. 27cm (11 in) L x 19cm (7.5 in) H x 14cm (5.5 in) W
Approx. weight 700 grams

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