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White Ground Oenochoe Hgt. 15 cm

[Code : P4_046_oenochoe_15cm] White Ground Oenochoe Hgt. 15 cm

Height 15 cm (5.9 in.)
Price $84.95

White Ground Oenochoe - 600-750 BC

Hand-made ceramic copy of a Greek White-Ground Oenochoe ( wine jug ) from the 8th Century BC. Depicts an ancient mythological scene hand-painted around sides, with a curved handle. See additional photos for details. A beautiful additional to your household, or a wonderful gift. Approx. 15 cm in height (5.9").

*This is a hand-painted reproduction, individually signed by the artist.

Due to special handling requirements, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Express delivery available upon request.  

White-Ground Technique
Developed at the end of the sixth century BC., the white-ground texhnique was unlike the better-known black-figure and red-figure techniques. Its coloration was not achieved through the application and firing of slips but through the use of paints and gilding on a surface of white clay. It allowed for a higher level of polychromy than the other techniques, although the vases end up less visually striking. The technique gained great importance during the fifth and fourth centuries, especially in the form of small lekythoi ( likythos ) that became typical grave offerings.

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