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Red Figure Amphora Hgt. 25 cm

[Code : P6_083_redfigure_amphora_25cm] Red Figure Amphora Hgt. 25 cm

Height 25 cm (9.8 in.)
Price $159.95

Red Figure Amphora - 530 BC

Hand-made ceramic copy of a Greek Red Figure Amphora - container used in the ancient Greek world as a means for transporting and storing grapes, wine, olive oil, olives, grain, fish, and other commodities. From the 9th Century BC. Different designs painted on front and back featuring mythological scenes. See additional photos for details. A beautiful additional to your household, or a wonderful gift. Approx. 25 cm in height (9.8").

*This is a hand-painted reproduction, individually signed by the artist. Artistic styles may vary slightly.

Due to special handling requirements, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Express delivery available upon request.

Red-figure vase painting is one of the most important styles of figural Greek vase painting. It developed in Athens around 530 BC and remained in use until the late 3rd century BC. It replaced the previously dominant style of Black-figure vase painting within a few decades. Its modern name is based on the figural depictions in red color on a black background, in contrast to the preceding black-figure style with black figures on a red background. Red figure is the reverse of the black figure technique. After the unfired vessels had dried to a leathery, near-brittle texture, paintings were applied. In Attica, the normal unburnt clay was of orange colour at this stage. The outlines of the intended figures were drawn either with a blunt scraper, leaving a slight groove, or with charcoal, which would disappear entirely during firing. Then, the contours were redrawn with a brush, using a glossy clay slip (a liquid clay and mineral mixture).

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