Attention Yahoo Email Users

Effective October 16, 2007 Yahoo Email Services are failing to safely deliver our email messages beyond their assurances to the contrary. Based on public information they are currently experimenting with you anti-SPAM technologies and procedures which are highly inaccurate. As a result you may not receive Order Confirmations, Customer Service Messages, Password Reminders, and other important messages relevant to the processing of your order.

What can you do?

- Check your "Bulk" or "Spam" (new version) folders. If our messages are in your bulk (spam) folder please mark the message and click the "Not Spam" button. In addition you may add our standard email addresses to your contact list. These include: [email protected] (automated responses), [email protected] (customer service), and [email protected] (for our newsletter subscribers).

Alternatively if you have upgraded to the new Yahoo email  service you may turn off Spamguard, a solution which may flood your inbox with more unsolicited emails and therefore not particularly recommended.

- Our testing indicates that the above step does not necessarily solve the delivery problems. In addition to our messages you may not receive other important messages (you may also read Yahoo's blocking of Government emails here) We highly recommend considering an alternate email or register with another free email service including GMAIL and HOTMAIL who are more efficient in separating SPAM (unsolicited) from legitimate emails. 

We regret the inconvenience. We are trying to work with Yahoo to resolve this issue but are not getting any prompt action from them.

Should you need to contact us offline please call us at 310-581-5059

Thank you.