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I dynami tis Stigmis, by Theodora Tzoka, In Greek
I dynami tis Stigmis, by Theodora Tzoka Χαλέπι. Η Νάντια Μουρεντίν εγκλωβίζεται στα χαλάσματα του σπιτιού της. Μια βόμβα έχει εκραγεί στη γειτονιά. Δίπλα της η μάνα της νεκρή. Φεύγουν για το άγνωστο, για την ελπίδα. Η βάρκα τους βυθίζεται. Η Νάντια σ
9k Gold Pendant - Jesus, Constantinato Coin Replica (14mm)
9k Gold Pendant - Jesus, Constantinato Coin Replica (14mm) This unique two sided 9k gold pendant features on one side Constantine and Helen and on the other Jesus Christ (from Justinian II Solidus gold coin of 685AD). This pendant is a
Written in Stone - Ancient Greek Wisdom, by Vasiliki Stathes
Introduction: "Collecting Greek proverbs, quotations and aphorisms has been a passion since I was a teenager. It all began in Grek school where I attended in the afternoon... "For over 1,000 years, Greece teemed with with men. Their world came to an
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