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9k Gold Pendant - Jesus, Constantinato Coin Replica (14mm)

[Code : JPG534] 9k Gold Pendant - Jesus, Constantinato Coin Replica (14mm)

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9k Gold Pendant - Jesus, Constantinato Coin Replica (14mm)

This unique two sided 9k gold pendant features on one side Constantine and Helen and on the other Jesus Christ (from Justinian II Solidus gold coin of 685AD). This pendant is a replica of a "Konstantinato" (κωνσταντινάτο) a Byzantine coin with emperor and emperess St. Constantine and Helen. According to history, pregnant women in the Byzantine empire used to wear these coins as amulets to protect their baby and their pregnacy. After birth, babies would wear these pendants to protect them from the "evil eye".  This is why this type of a pendant makes a perfect baptismal gift for a newborn baby.

The bail at the top of the pendant is approx. 2mm.

9k gold
Made in Greece
Pendant approx. 14mm (.56 in) diameter
Pendant hanging with bail approx. 22mm (.87 in)

(Photos are not actual size)

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