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Alfavitario - 1st Grade Textbook 1949 - 1950 (In Greek)

[Code : 9789603960379_kalapaidia] Alfavitario - 1st Grade Textbook 1949 - 1950 (In Greek)

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Alfavitario - 1st Grade Textbook 1949 - 1950 (In Greek). Ages 4-8

This is a reproduction of the 1st Grade textbook first published in 1949 and used in Schools in 1949 and 1950. It is often confused with the later edition of the "alphavitarion" used in the later years which was written in "katharevousa". This edition was interestingly written in a mixture of "demotic" and "katharevousa" by a teacher named Epameinondas Gerantonis and illustrated by Kostas Gammatikopoulos who also was responsible for illustrating future editions.

The book is representative of the Greek educational re-organization in the Post World War II era. For the first time it used a mixture of Demotic and Katharevousa with the intent not to bore children. Beyond just teaching first-graders how to read, its intent was beyond language education and used stories promoting compassion, responsibility, love of animals, hard work, and Greek values.

This is a collector's item that complement every Greek Children's Book Collection.

Hardcover. Pages 170, ISBN 9789603960379



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