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Raw Greek Thyme Honey from Crete, 6 x 340gr jar w/ Free Shipping

[Code : 5200127442010_6pack] Raw Greek Thyme Honey from Crete, 6 x 340gr jar w/ Free Shipping

Price $99.95

6 Jars of Raw Greek Thyme Honey from Crete, 340gr (12oz) jar includes shipping

Superior Quality Award Winning Cretan Thyme Honey!  

Ηoney has been important in Greek and Cretan culture for thousands of years. This raw, unheated Greek honey is unique thanks to its rich aroma, unique taste, and high nutritional value. Thyme honey is known for its stimulant and antiseptic properties, preventative effects against cardiovascular disorders and its beneficial role against diseases of the urinary and digestive system. It Is rich in phenolic compounds that modulate estrogenic activity. A thyme honey-enriched diet may prevent cancer-related processes in breast, prostate and endometrial cancer cells. 

Packaged in glass jars as shown. Net Weight 340 grams (12 oz)

*This item includes shipping to US addresses (cannot ship outside the US) and will not affect your shipping cost if adding more products

International Awards:

- Highest ranked honey in 2016 with three gold stars from the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi)
- Gold star from Great Taste Awards


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