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Written in Stone - Ancient Greek Wisdom, by Vasiliki Stathes

[Code : 9789605211547] Written in Stone - Ancient Greek Wisdom, by Vasiliki Stathes

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"Collecting Greek proverbs, quotations and aphorisms has been a passion since I was a teenager. It all began in Grek school where I attended in the afternoon...

"For over 1,000 years, Greece teemed with with men. Their world came to an end when the Christian emperor, Justinian, closed the Academy in Athens and banned all teaching of pagan philosophy. However, the quotations, proverbs and aphorisms did not die...

"Ancient quotes are found in the works of greats; Shakespeare, Cervantes, Voltaire, and many others...

In Greek and English
Pocket-sized Hardcover (4.5" x 6.5")
125 pages

Illustrations by Maria-Tina Karamanlakis (former Director of Design and graphics for Telemundo Television Network in Miami, and experienced in the fine art mediums of drawing, printmaking, video, installation and conceptual art. She now runs her own company, "Maria-TinaVision".)

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