Orthodox Christian Beliefs

[Code : 1880971712] Orthodox Christian Beliefs

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In this volume of the Exploring the Orthodox Christianity Series, Fr. Harakas answers 75 questions submitted by real people like you, about the doctrine and beliefs of the Orthodox Christian Church. The questions and answers were written over a period of years from 1984 - 2000. You will finc concise treatments on questions dealing with: Religious Knowing, One God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Creation, Human Beings, The Church, Saints, Salvation, Suffering and Evil, Icons, Heaven and Hell, End Times: Christ's Second Coming, and Theology and Life. The questions express genuine concerns, including many that raise doubts, conflicts, and disagreements with accepted teachings. Regardless of the subject and tone of the questions, the answers try to deal with them honestly, sincerely, and with respect.


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