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Constantinople, by Foti Fotiu, in English

[Code : 9780977802449] Constantinople, by Foti Fotiu, in English

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Constantinople - The Beautiful City and the Destruction of its Greek, Armenian, and Jewish Ethnic Communities, by Foti Fotiu, in English

Constantinople was the great center of learning, culture, and religion - capital of the Byzantine Empire and the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. It remained an important cosmopolitan metropolis, even after its conquest by the Ottomans, and its inclusion into the present Turkish state. The author was born in Constantinople, renamed Istanbul, and in this book he wove together the city's wider historical and political background, and his own experiences, leading up to the Turkish pogrom of September 5-6, 1955. He analyzed and linked the complexities on the regional and international scale, that initiated the destruction of the Greek, Armenian, and Jewish ethnic communities in the great city. He then examined the varied and conflicting responses and reactions to the pogrom, which affected and influenced the local and international sphere even unto the present day. The final chapters of the book deal with both his own outlook and the global state of affairs prevailing when the author re-visits the land of his birth and updates the city's and the region's chronicles to the present.

Pages 221
ISBN 9780977802449


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