Ancient Greek Aerides Magnet

[Code : EA_MN75] Ancient Greek Aerides Magnet

Price $4.95

This magnet is made of casting stone. Sizes are approximate and may vary based on the magnets shape and design.

Approx. 70mm (7 cm) x 50mm (5 cm)

The Tower of the Winds is a small, octagonal building is Hellenistic in style. The tower was built as a water clock, with a compass, sundials and weathervane and has a relief on each of the 8 sides depicting the wind from that direction. It has two propyla. The one on the west is in the Doric Order, and is known as the Gate of Athena Archegetis, to whom it was dedicated by the Athenian deme in 11/10 BC, during the archonship of Nikias. The other propylon, on the east side, has Ionic columns made of grey Hymettian marble, with bases of Pentelic marble.


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