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Greek Temples
[Code : EA_B144_W] Delphi Tholos of Athena Pronoia Temple 7" (18 cm) (Clearance 40% Off)
Delphi Tholos of Athena Pronoia Temple 7" (18 cm) (Clearance 40% Off)
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Delphi - Tholos  of Athena Pronoia Temple


The most notable of the buildings on the Athena Pronoia terrace is the Tholos, for which the terrace gets its nickname of Marmaria. This circular structure made out of Pentellic marble with a circular peripteros of 20 slender Doric columns, was built in the early fourth century BC by the architect Theodorus, who was so proud of it that he wrote a treatise on its construction. The interior was decorated with 10 Corinthian half columns.

Made of Casting Stone with an antique stone finish. Sizes are approximate and may vary between 1-2 inches. Height includes marble base.

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